Water Level

Water Level:
The dam, located on Chadbourne Ridge Road in N.Waterboro, is used to control the level of the lake.
The gates are opened on October 15th to begin the draw-down to winter level 4’6″, and are closed shortly after ice-out to reach summer level 6’6″. Every fifth year, e.g. 2010, 2015, 2020, etc., the gates are opened on October 1st with intent to draw down to 3′. This gives residents additional time and access to work on shoreline erosion control projects once they have obtained the necessary permitting and approvals. For permits and approvals, please contact the Waterboro Code Enforcement Officer and Maine DEP.

The dam is owned and maintained by the Town of Waterboro. OSSIPEE LAKE WATER LEVEL MANAGEMENT POLICY has been determined by the Selectmen and is maintained by a Town appointed authority. Don Holden has been our “Dam Man” for many years and does a fantastic job of maintaining a stable water level in accordance with the prescribed seasonal levels.