LOL Overview

Aerial of Ossipee2






Little Ossipee Lake (LOL) is a 557 acre pond located in Waterboro, Maine. The spring-fed lake has a perimeter of 12.7 miles, average depth of 21 feet, and a maximum depth of 74 feet. The lake empties into Lake Arrowhead via the dam on Chadbourne Ridge Road in N.Waterboro.

An indicator of the health of the lake is the presence of two loon families, which, nature permitting, give birth to one or more chicks every spring. Please respect their space by loon-watching from a distance. We also have herons,  bald eagles, cormorants, and other birds of prey, ducks, geese, and an array of song birds all around the lake. In addition, amphibians, reptiles, and a variety of fish inhabit the beautiful waters of Little Ossipee.